It’s early morning in the Frankfurt suburb of Fechenheim – the first tram is running, rush hour traffic a distant hum. A white horse appears, ambling towards the tram tracks. What of Werner, the 80 years old horse’s owner? At the end of the Second World War he was 4 years of age when being buried alive in the heart of Frankfurt after a bombing raid by the Allies. Werner found a way to manage the traumatic experience with the help of a horse. This is not only a film about trauma, autonomy and freedom. Werner’s life may be a way to look at post-war Germany, not just the rebirth of industry, but the coming to terms with the suffering that W.G. Sebald said was the real hidden secret of post war Germans.


Werner Weischedel
The Walk - Still 1

The Walk

Michael Jung

  • Kurzfilm
Produktion Land / Jahr
Vereinigtes Königreich 2020
de. OF ohne UT
Farbe, 12min
1.78:1 (16:9), Stereo

Regisseur & Crew

Michael Jung

Geboren 1861 in Giessen. Studium der Chemie. Kamerakurs am Langar College, Vancouver, Filmstudium an der Northern Film School, England. Tätig als Drehbuchautor und Produzent.



  • THE WALK, Kurzfilm  HOF 2020
Michael Jung
Michael Jung
Sound Design
Christian Steuer
Wilf Kimber
Michael Jung


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