Allegra, a climbing enthusiast, was the victim of a terrorist attack that killed three of her friends. Plagued by guilt and thoughts of revenge, she retreats into solitude. Her loved ones are powerless. To return to and appreciate life again, she must fight a long battle against herself. Against this backdrop, she meets Arad, a young refugee from the Middle East. But she finds it difficult to regain her trust in all things foreign.


Matilda De Angelis
Helmi Dridi
Nicola Perot
Kevin Blaser
Irene Casagrande
Anna Manuelli
Doro Müggler
Vater von Benni
Andrea Zogg
Angelo Bison
Neri Marcorè
Anna Ferruzzo
Cristina Zamboni
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Niccolò Castelli

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Switzerland, Belgium, Italy 2021
it., de. OF mit de. UT
HDV, Color, 88min
2.35:1, Discrete 5.1

Director & Crew

Niccolò Castelli 1

Niccolò Castelli

Born in 1982 in Lugano/Switzerland. Studied Film at the University of Bologna and at the Zurich University of Arts. Active as a screenwriter and director.


2008 ENDSIEG, Kurzfilm

2010 NEL SEGNO DEL LUPO, Kurzdokumentarfilm

2010 MOVING FOREST, Kurzfilm

2012 TUTTI GIÙ, Spielfilm  HOF 2012

2014 SKATEISTAN, Kurzdokumentarfilm

2016 SOTTO IL GIGANTE, Kurzfilm

2017 LOOKING FOR SUNSHINE, Dokumentarfilm

2020 QUASI PADRE, QUASI FIGLIO, Kurzdokumentarfilm

2021 ATLAS, Spielfilm  HOF 2021

“The need to write the screenplay for the film ATLAS arose about ten years ago, out of an incisive moment. As with the pandemic today, I had the feeling at the time that something was entering into our everyday lives that would never let us go: Fear. At the time, our generation felt pretty sure that we were living on a neutral, free and happy island, protected from the rest of the world. But then we became part of the world (again) and we realized that nothing will ever be the same again.

Before the dramatic event that changes her life, my main character Allegra feels completely free. She believes that the future is her oyster, everything is within her grasp. When reality catches up with her - hard and rough, like the rock of our mountains - the effect is extreme. ATLAS is an attempt to understand how it is possible to overcome our fears in confronting and opening up to all things strange. To feel truly free, like on the top of a mountain in contact with the sky, we must open ourselves to otherness.”

Niccolò Castelli
Stefano Pasetto
Director of Photography
Pietro Zuercher
Esmeralda Calabria
Production Designer
Georg Bringolf
Costume Designer
Sabine Zappitelli
Marc Engels
Music Composer
Karim Baggili
Martine Felber
TV Commissioning Editor
Alessandro Marcionni
Executive Producer
Michela Pini
Villi Hermann
Michela Pini