For visitors from the film and television industry: Professional representatives of the film, cinema and festival industry as well as filmmakers and actors can apply for accreditation. Students of film and media studies are also eligible for accreditation.

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All submitted films may not have been screened in public, e.g. at another film festival, on demand, on television, etc. in Germany until the end of the festival. Invited films will be shown both on site in Hof (25 October – 30 October 2022, as far as the Corona conditions permit) and on our VOD platform (from the premiere in theatres until 6 November 2022).


All lengths and genres are eligible. Films with a length of up to/including 49 minutes will be categorized as short films. All films must be available for the festival screening in DCP format.


Films may be submitted until 29 August 2022. The Hof International Film Festival uses the platform FilmChief to manage the film submissions. Thanks for submitting your film to the festival.

Thank you for your submission to the Hof International Film Festival!


Artistic direction
Thorsten Schaumann

Stefanie von Bock, Inge Hagedorn-Badewitz, Noni Lickleder, Michael Seidel, Rudy Tijo