As one of the leading film fests in Germany, the Hof International Film Festival has become well-established as a platform for young German directors and is widely regarded as important arena for discovering new talents, second only to Berlin. Of equal importance, however, are the independent movies from all over the world that make up roughly half the program consisting of 130 odd feature films, documentaries and shorts.

Usually, the directors themselves present the screenings; few want to miss out on the opportunity to discuss their film’s merits (or otherwise) with the German premiere audiences in person.

Film Awards

As part of the International Hof Film Festival, prizes have been awarded by various sponsors and in different categories since 1984.

A Look Back

The following film awards were presented during the Hof Film Festival in previous years:


Since the 10th edition of the Hof International Film Festival in 1976, internationally well-known filmmakers have been presenting their work to the German audience within the framework of a retrospective. The films give insight into the directors’ work or cast a look back into the history of the festival and German film.

Maria Schrader


Maria Schrader

Director, author and actress: Hardly any other German filmmaker has had such a varied as well as remarkable career as Maria Schrader.

Roland reber 06


Roland Reber & Collective

Since 2005, Roland Reber and his collective have been constant guests of Hof Film Festival, where they presented their world premieres. Roland Reber passed away on 11 September 2022.

Joachim Król


Joachim Król

Joachim Król is one of the most accomplished of German actors and played a decisive role in shaping the awakening of young German cinema in the 1990s.

2019 samir



One of the most versatile and committed European filmmakers

2018 barbet schroeder


Barbet Schroeder

Director, producer, screenwriter und actor

2017 tony gatlif


Tony Gatlif

Filmmaker and actor

2016 fuenf programme fuenf jahrzehnte


Five programs for five decades

50 years of the Hof International Film Festival - a retrospective in films

2015 christopher petit


Christopher Petit

The filmmaker, artist and author shows his development from feature films to documentaries and experimental films.

2014 eran riklis


Eran Riklis

The director presents nine feature films and two short films at the Hof International Film Festival.

2013 michael oblowitz


Michael Oblowitz

Director, cinematographer and producer

2012 rosa von praunheim


Rosa von Praunheim

Rosa von Praunheim turns 70 and shows 70 new films.

2011 david mackenzie


David Mackenzie

The director shows four of his short films and seven feature films.

2010 bob rafelson


Bob Rafelson

The director, screenwriter and producer has selected ten of his films for the retrospective at HoF.

2009 lou castel


Lou Castel

The actor and filmmaker represents a new, different European cinema.

2008 allison anders


Allison Anders

The director, screenwriter and producer is creating a stir with her independent films.

2007 wayne wang


Wayne Wang

As part of the retrospective, eight works by the U.S. director of Chinese origin are screened.

2006 hofer filmtage


Retro Hofer Filmtage

The small history of German film shows a cross-section of 40 festival years.

2005 costa gavras



The director, screenwriter and film producer is considered a prominent representative of French cinema.

2004 john mcnaughton


John McNaughton

The retrospective is dedicated to the US film director.

2003 ulli lommel


Ulli Lommel

The actor, director, screenwriter and film producer presents eleven films selected by him in HoF.

2002 paul morrisey


Paul Morrissey

The American film director brings the 60s and 70s back to life in HoF.

2001 denk ich an deutschland


Denk` ich an Deutschland

Five directors show the film series DENK` ICH AN DEUTSCHLAND: Klaus Lemke, Peter Lilienthal, Leander Haußmann, Fatih Akin and Peter Patzak.

2000 amos kollek


Amos Kollek

Filmmaker, actor, writer and publicist

1999 frank mazzola


Frank Mazzola

The retrospective is dedicated to the American actor and editor Frank Mazzola.

1998 alan clarke


Alan Clarke

Director, writer and producer

1997 bill bennett


Bill Bennett

The Australian director, producer and screenwriter presents eight feature films.

1996 clara law


Clara Law

The retrospective is dedicated to Hong Kong director, producer and writer Clara Law.

1995 albert maysles


Albert Maysles

Director, cinematographer and documentary filmmaker

1994 peter jackson


Tim Burton, Peter Jackson

The retrospective at HoF is dedicated to Peter Jackson together with Tim Burton.

1993 mike leigh


Mike Leigh

HoF presents the entire work of the director, author and actor.

1992 alex cox


Alex Cox

The retrospective is dedicated to the British film director, screenwriter, author and actor.

1991 atom egoyan


Atom Egoyan & André Forcier

The two Canadian directors present a selection of their films at HoF.

1990 seijun suzuki


Japanese Erotic Series

Films directed by Noboru Tanaka, Tatsumi Kumashiro and Seijun Suzuki

1989 henry jaglom


Henry Jaglom

One of Hollywood's most distinguished independent filmmakers

1988 terence davies


Terence Davies & Seijun Suzuki

Both film director, screenwriter and actor

1987 robert frank


Robert Frank

Swiss-American photographer, film director and cinematographer

1986 lee grant


Lee Grant

The retrospective is dedicated to the US actress and director.

1985 jack sholder


Michael Dinner & Jack Sholder

The two US-American directors are screening a selection of their films in HoF.

1984 barrish ward cox


Paul Cox & Vincent Ward

The retrospective is dedicated to the two directors from Australia and New Zealand.

1983 samuel fuller


Samuel Fuller & John Sayles

The two US-American directors are screening a selection of their films at HoF.

1982 vernon zimmerman


Vernon Zimmerman

A director and screenwriter who started his career as a successful underground filmmaker.

1981 roger corman


Roger Corman

US independent director and film producer

1980 david cronenberg


David Cronenberg

Multi-award winning Canadian film director

1979 curtis harrington


Curtis Harrington

The US film director presents seven of his films at HoF.

1978 monte hellman


Monte Hellman

US director, film producer and film editor

1977 george a romero


John Cassavetes & George A. Romero

The retrospective is dedicated to the two filmmakers from the USA.

1976 de palma


Brian de Palma

The US-American film director is the first special guest of the HoF retrospective.

HoF Plus

HoF PLUS – the supporting programme of the Hof International Film Festival provides an exciting view over the rows of the cinema hall. The events surrounding the many film screenings allow all visitors a deep insight into the thought processes of the filmmakers. The proximity of them to the audience has shaped and defined the festival since its beginnings.

Supporting 8 16 35

Classics on celluloid


8, 16 and 35 are the numbers that have shaped the development of film: they are the classic film widths. In this unique series we show HoF Classics analog on film. This is really only available in the cinema!

Supporting club talks

Discussions and panels

Club Talks

The Club Talks offer a platform for exchanging ideas with filmmakers about their works. You can look forward to stories about the festival films, the exchange of opinions and ideas is in the foreground.

Master class

Lectures and Workshops

Master Class

With "Master Class" we offer the chance to gain an insight into the creative minds of the lecturers. What tips and tricks do they tell us? Secrets around the world of art, film and theatre want to be revealed.

Supporting 7 minutes speed pitch

Speed Pitch

7 minutes

Projects are given the opportunity to present their material to selected decision-makers in the industry. Each participant meets five industry representatives and has 7 minutes to convince them of their vision.

Supporting live streams

Live Streams


There is a lot to discover on the HoF streaming channel, in addition to trailers and interviews, the daily late night talk show GASTHoF is the highlight. With changing guests we discuss the events of the day.

Supporting events

Meetings and celebrations


The Hof International Film Festival is the family celebration of film - filmmakers, trade visitors and audiences will find numerous opportunities for exchange and networking around the festival. The Galeriehaus is the central point of contact.

Artistic Director

201020 IMG 8650 AR

Thorsten Schaumann has assumed responsibility for the artistic direction of the Hof International Film Festival, which he curated together with Linda Söffker and Alfred Holighaus in 2016 for the 50th edition of the festival.

Heinz Badewitz, the festival’s artistic director up to his untimely death in March 2016, was one of the pioneering initiators – it was due to his ties with the city of Hof that the first shorts program (which lasted all of 2½ hours) featuring his own productions as well as those of his co-film freaks was screened here way back in May 1967. This event went down in history as the First Hof Film Festival.


20231028 Filmtage Fussball Mannschaftsfoto

The film festival would not be complete without the traditional soccer match between the FC Filmwelt and the FC Hofer Filmtage. Every year, a selection of actors, film directors and producers plays the team of the FC Filmwelt consisting of festival staff and fans.

The current status after 55 matches:
FC Filmwelt 21 wins, FC Hofer Filmtage 20 wins, 14 draws

Match 2023

Saturday, 28 October 2023
10.30 a.m.


FT Freie Turnerschaft Hof e.V.
Alte Plauener Straße 32
95028 Hof