VGF Young Producers’ Award

Since 1994, the Collecting society for exploitation rights in cinematographic works (VGF) has been annually presenting the VGF Young Producers’ Prize to the best film of an up-and-coming producer. An independent panel judges the submitted German feature films according to quality and recognizable audience relevance. The award comes with an endowment with 60,000 euros and is the highest paying prize for up-and-coming producers in Germany. The award money is not appropriated and is intended to strengthen the equity capital of young production companies.

The VGF Young Producers’ Prize was awarded during the Hof International Film Festival from 2018 to 2020.

Award donors

Award winners

2020 lena vurma 01


Lena Vurma

von dragonfly films für „Adventures of a Mathematician“

2019 fabian halbig florian kamhuber 01


Fabian Halbig und Florian Kamhuber

mit „Limbo“

2018 trini gotze david armati lechner 01


Trini Götze und David Armati Lechner

für die Produktion des Kinofilmdebuts ALLES IST GUT (Regie: Eva Trobisch)