In the woods

Mia is furious with her father Mats. In her eyes, he has abandoned the family, and now of all times he wants to introduce her to his new girlfriend. During the drive to her place, the mood is tense. A diversion leads the two deep into a large wooded area where they discover a crashed and abandoned vehicle. They try to call for help, but the cell phone network does not seem to work. Shortly afterwards, their car breaks down unexpectedly. When they hear a scream from the forest, they are both terrified.


Tobias Kay
Jolie Joan
Die Frau
Daniela Mitterlehner
Der Fremde / Kommissar
Reinhard Paul Seyer
Heike Schuch
Stephan Wilhelm Müller
Im Wald - Poster 1

In the woods

Manuel Weiss

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2021
de. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 82min
2.39:1, Stereo
Original Title
Im Wald

Director & Crew

Manuel Weiss 1

Manuel Weiss

Born in 1982 in Munich. Trained as media designer for image and sound and studied in the media industry. Active as director and producer.


2014 DER VATER, Kurzfilm 2016 EBERSBERG STAFFEL I, TV-Film 2017 EBERSBERG STAFFEL II, TV-Film 2019 TAG X, Spielfilm 2020 Ausgrissn, Kinofilm 2021 IM WALD, Spielfilm HOF 2021

“During quarantine, I took refuge in a script phase, hoping to write something that I could realize in a ’post-Covid world’. That world did not materialize, however I still wanted to feel needed again after such long time. That is when the idea of a simple little story came to me. A kind of intimate drama. Few locations, few characters. Something that could be realized even in a short time. Thus, the script IM WALD (IN THE FOREST) emerged within a month. Writing it was easy for me as the father-daughter relationship is based on personal experiences, and ninety percent of the dialog is taken from my own life.

When I shoot a thriller, three things are important to me: it needs to be a story I would like to watch myself, the characters should go through their own conflicts, and it should be suspenseful. Suspense is subjective, I know, but I have a clear vision of things that give me goosebumps, especially deep in the forest.”

Manuel Weiss
Director of Photography
Chris Hirschhäuser
Manuel Weiss
Costume Designer
Stella Gottwald
Alexander Niejaki
Music Composer
Marko Cirkovic
Lea Reitberger
Leonie Wilfer
Manuel Weiss
Christoph Amend
Tobias Kay
Oliver Mielke