Kopfbahnhof 11:11

1957. A late summer night on the outskirts of Berlin. A young man wants to take his own life, but the train has been canceled. He joins a stranded street musician. Together in no man’s land, they smoke while waiting for the next train. As time slips away, it becomes more and more apparent that he is carrying a secret - one that she is a part of. Except she cannot remember, she does not seem to recognize him. The approaching train may be the end of an infinite past or the beginning of an impossible future.

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David Hugo Schmitz
Maximilian Mundt
FRAU (1957)
Hannah Sieh
FRAU (1983)
Lilli Fichtner
MANN (1983)
Steven Sowah
FRAU (1921)
Anna-Lena Schwing
Kopfbahnhof 11:11 - Poster 1

Kopfbahnhof 11:11

David Hugo Schmitz, Maximilian Mundt

  • Short film
Production Country / Year
Germany 2020
fr., de. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 23min
Other, Stereo

Director & Crew

David Hugo Schmitz 1

David Hugo Schmitz

Born in 1993 in Cologne. Studies Acting at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. Active as  director and actor.


2016 NINO (Co-Regie), Kurzfilm

2020 KOPFBAHNHOF (Co-Regie) 11:11, Kurzfilm HOF 2021

Maximilian Mundt 1

Maximilian Mundt

Born in 1996 in Hamburg. Studies Directing at the HFBK Hamburg. Active as a director and actor.


2020 KOPFBAHNHOF (Co-Regie) 11:11, Kurzfilm HOF 2021

David Hugo Schmitz
Director of Photography
Luna Zscharnt
David Hugo Schmitz
Maximilian Mundt
Sarah Beekmann
Set Designer
Leonie Engel
Costume Designer
Katharina Proksch
Felix Ohlert
Sound Designer
Felix Ohlert
Caroline Loguercio
Music Composer
Felix Ohlert
Jana Dietz
Sarah Radu