Nach der Arbeit

This film is about the period of transition between work and retirement. It consists of partly funny, partly sad, also bizarre, but definitely life-affirming stories about farewells and new beginnings. The resulting round dance takes a humorous look at our lives and the world of work.


Jutta Kammann
Marion Gröschel
Hartmut Becker
Karl Schwegel
Alim Isik
Nach der Arbeit - Poster 1

Nach der Arbeit

Alexander Riedel

  • Documentary
Production Country / Year
Germany 2021
de. OF ohne UT
DCP, Color, 120min
1.90:1, Dolby SR

Director & Crew

Alexander Riedel 1

Alexander Riedel

Born in Augsburg in 1969. Training as a bank clerk. Study at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film, Munich (HFF). Active as director, producer, and lecturer.


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Jutta is a retired actor, but she is currently preparing for her first comeback: a guest appearance in the TV series in which she once played herself into the hearts of so many fans, after many years in her role as a hospital matron, Ingrid.

Karl lives for work and works for life. Now it’s time to hand over the fishing business to his children, but there is disagreement among the family members, and so a family council is being convened.

Marion stands in the classroom of a small village school, supervising her students. She dreams her way through the tall windows of the school building across vast expanses of the adjacent wheat field, all the way to Shanghai.

Alim is passionate about being a bus driver and has been covering the city's routes for over 48 years now. But he has never been able to escape a feeling of homesickness, and so he is trying to find a woman to retire with him when he returns home.

Only a few more shifts at the steel mill separate Hartmut from retirement. Solidarity among colleagues has carried him through life all these years, and so he wants to keep up the struggle for future generations.

Alexander Riedel
Director of Photography
Alexander Riedel
Tim Kuhn
Julian Krubasik
Tobi Tempel
Alexander Riedel
Ursula Ambach
Ulrike Tortora
Laura Heine
Konstantin Kirilow
Sound Designer
Christoph v. Schönburg
Music Composer
Jan Peter Schwalm
TV Commissioning Editor
Katya Mader
Bettina Timm