Four-year-old Nina loves to giggle and play with her uncle Josef in their overgrown garden. Knight and princess, eating cookies, building a treehouse. Every time her single mum has to study or to work, she looks out for him and is overjoyed when she finds him sober – but many times Josef isn't. For he is one of the small town’s best-known drunkards, a regular on or under the public parc’s bench.

Up till now, Nina’s mother has always run her brother down, but now, realizing Nina’s affection for him, she slowly starts opening up to him. The situation flips when Josef accidentally hurts the girl. He has to move out of the house and loses touch completely with Nina. He finally stops drinking.

At his sister’s funeral, many years later, his only aim is to meet Nina again. He can’t believe his ears when he’s told that the once sunny girl was thrown off track in her teenage years: drug addict, criminal, prisoner. Although her younger brother is still worried about her, the rest of the family has given up on her and decided to ignore her last email which had been sent from a prison in a remote Ukrainian war zone. Josef doesn’t hesitate. A few days later, he is knocking on the prison door and hoping to rescue the little girl who used to be his princess.


Josef (old)
Matthias Habich
Josef (young)
Fabian Krueger
Nina (adult)
Johanna Bantzer
Nina (girl)
Lia Hahne
Karin (Nina's mother)
Anne Haug
Prinzessin - Poster 1


Peter Luisi

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Switzerland, Ukraine 2021
de., gsw., ru., en. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 101min
1.85:1, Discrete 5.1
Original Title

Director & Crew

Peter Luisi 1

Peter Luisi

Born in 1975 in Zurich/Switzerland. Studied at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington and at the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in film production. Active as a scriptwriter, director, and producer.


1998 MR. RAINDROP, Spielfilm


2006 LOVE MADE EASY, Spielfilm


2011 DER SANDMANN, Spielfilm

2012 BOYS ARE US, Spielfilm HOF 2012

2014 SCHWEIZER HELDEN, Spielfilm

2017 FLITZER, Spielfilm

2021 PRINZESSIN, Spielfilm HOF 2021

Peter Luisi
Director of Photography
Ramon Giger
Gion-Reto Killias
Production Designer
Chasper Bertschinger
Costume Designer
Verena Haerdi
Patrick Becker
Sound Designer
Dominik Avenwedde
Patrick Becker
Music Composer
Martin Skalsky
Michael Duss
David Luisi