During an assignment in which a stone-cold hitman, Viktor, kills a man guarded by the police, he falls in love with Nina. He weakens and spares her life, and from then on he watches her. When she tries to commit suicide, the silent angel of death turns into a saver of life ...


Christian Berkel
Joachim Król
Nadja Uhl
Lautlos - Poster 1


Mennan Yapo

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2004
de. OF ohne UT
35 mm print, Color, 94min
2.35:1, Discrete 5.1
Original Title

Director & Crew

Mennan Yapo

Born in Munich in 1966. Employed in marketing departments of various film distributors. Avtive as a script writer, producer and director.


1999 FRAMED, Kurzfilm  HOF 1999

2004 LAUTLOS, Spielfilm  HOF 2021

2007 DIE VORAHNUNG, Spielfilm

“‘lautlos’ is both a gripping thriller and an unusual love story. joachim król shines in a role you’ve never seen him in before: as a killer.”

That’s what it still says on the X-verleih website.

i probably wouldn’t have cast myself in the role of the contract killer victor when i returned from venice after my second brunetti tv adventure, somewhat frustrated and overweight. victor had to be slim, muscular, well-trained, short, in top shape. which i wasn’t. but there’s a solution for everything. two trainers were hired, a schedule and a training plan were drawn up, and the transformation began. after a few months, neighbors started enquiring about my health because of my weight loss, and shortly before filming began, veronica ferres, when i approached her on the street in munich, wordlessly gave me an autograph and went on her way. i was unrecognizable. unfortunately, the film didn’t find a big audience in germany. comment from a good friend: ‘no wonder, no one recognizes you.’


for the director, the film became a springboard to hollywood, and he went on to make a well-received thriller with sandra bullock.”

Lars-Olav Beier
Director of Photography
Torsten Lippstock
Dirk Vaihinger
Production Designer
Simon Boucherie
Costume Designer
Katharina Ost
Music Composer
Gary Marlowe
Tom Tykwer
Alexander Stigler
Stefan Arndt