Weight l e s s

33-year-old Maria is young, attractive and self-determined, she lives her life entirely according to her own ideas. Extensive partying, drugs and numerous love affairs are a matter of course for her. Other women of her generation, the so-called 30somethings, have meanwhile gotten serious, tied themselves down and even brought children into the world. She has flirted with the father of one of these children, for whom she sometimes babysits. She learns from a pregnant friend that she hasn’t been chosen to be the child’s godmother. 

By continuing to hold on to her freedoms, Maria slowly loses touch with her closest friends and even snubs would-be lovers. She eventually is faced with the realization that her promiscuity, her penchant for intoxication and a raucous nightlife can’t really resolve the inner emptiness that begins to grow inside her. Not because she gives in to the exuberant feeling of life, but because she shies away from taking responsibility.


Sina Martens
Andreas Döhler
Katrin Wichmann
Julia Hartmann
Sascha Göpel
Benjamin Lillie
Klara Deutschmann
Anton Weil
Jasna Fritzi Bauer
Laina Schwarz
Schwere l o s - Poster 2

Weight l e s s

Alexej Hermann, Eike Weinreich

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2021
de. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Both, 81min
2.39:1, Stereo PCM
Original Title
Schwere l o s

Director & Crew

Alexej Hermann 2

Alexej Hermann

Born in 1985 in Kazakhstan. Studied Free Arts and Visual Communication at the HFBK Hamburg. Active as a director, cinematographer and media artist.


2017 GOING FURTHER (Co-Regie), Spielfilm VON KOMISCHEN VÖGELN (Co-Regie), Spielfilm, HOF 2017 2019 UNRUHEZEIT (Co-Regie), Spielfilm 2021 ANTON UND DER WOLF (Regie), Dokumentarfilm 2021 SCHWERE L O S (Co-Regie), Spielfilm, HOF 2021
Eike Weinreich 1

Eike Weinreich

Born in 1985 in Oldenburg. Studied Acting at the University of Music and Theatre Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Leipzig and Film at the HFBK Hamburg. Active as an actor, director and screenwriter.


2013 ICH GEHE NICHT INS THEATER, WEIL, Kurzdokumentarfilm 2017 GOING FURTHER (Co-Regie), Spielfilm VON KOMISCHEN VÖGELN (Co-Regie), Spielfilm, HOF 2017 2018 DIE ÜBRIGGEBLIEBENEN, Spielfilm, HOF 2018 2019 UNRUHEZEIT (Co-Regie), Spielfilm 2021 SCHWERE L O S (Co-Regie), Spielfilm, HOF 2021
Eike Weinreich
Laura Pallacios
Director of Photography
Alexej Hermann
Alexej Hermann
Sound Designer
Daniel Paulmann
Music Composer
Phillip Thimm
Eike Weinreich
Jan Sobotka