It's Raining Women

The filmmaker travels the world as she takes us on a five-year investigation into the complex realities of the glass ceiling. Scrutinizing the statistics and delving into the lived experiences of women battling discrimination throughout the globe, she exposes the uncomfortable truths and dirty secrets of gender bias in the workplace. Simultaneously light-hearted and deadly serious, this vital, creative and surprising film shines a light on a much-misunderstood phenomenon and acts as a rallying cry to women – and men – everywhere to continue the fight for gender equality.


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It's Raining Women

Mari Soppela

  • Documentary
Production Country / Year
Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Iceland 2022
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DCP, Color, 85min
1.85:1, Discrete 5.1
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Director & Crew

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Mari Soppela

Born in 1966 in Finland. Studied Videography in Finland and Computer Graphic in The Netherlands and London. Worked as a media artist and cross-media designer. Active as a writer and director.


2002 FAMILY FILES, Dokumentarfilm  

2008 HOME RECORDINGS, Dokumentarfilm

2015 WHO THE DEVIL CAN SEE IN THE DARK, Dokumentarfilm

2021 MOTHER LAND, Dokumentarfilm 

2022 IT'S RAINING WOMEN, Dokumentarfilm  HOF 2022

“In 1991, I moved to the Netherlands from Finland and became a mother in 1995. Combining a family with a career was self-evident to me as a Finnish woman, but I encountered some cultural and social differences in Holland. I realized that I carried with me certain misconceptions about a woman’s role in society. For instance, I was surprised to discover that most Dutch women give up their full-time jobs when they have families.

Fast-forward twenty years, and I am making this film. In 2016, I stumbled upon The Economist magazine’s glass ceiling index and instantly knew I would have to make a film about the glass ceiling (index). The film set me on a five-year long journey to investigate the phenomenon in the industrialized world. I interviewed the subjects at home and followed them at work. My interviews are conducted in a particularly personal style which has become a trademark of my films that results in an intimacy of storytelling which is where I wanted my camera to go.”

Mari Soppela

Mari Soppela
Director of Photography
Mari Soppela
Mari Soppela
Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdottir
Leo Anemaet
Sound Designer
Leo Anemaet
Music Composer
Leo Anemaet
TV Commissioning Editor
Erkko Lyytinen
Claudia Bucher
Mari Soppela
Alex Tondowski
Femke Wolting
Julia Ton
Hlin Johannesdottir