Mediterranean Fever

Waleed, 40, lives comfortably in his ocean-view house in Haifa with his career-driven wife and two children. He is a former hi-tech engineer and aspiring writer who appreciates life as a stay-at-home dad, but unfortunately can’t figure out what it takes to be happy. And so he painfully moves through the daily grind of melancholy life. To find a solution to his chronic depression, he confides in his therapist, but ignores the professional advice and looks for quicker solutions.

One day, while standing at his window facing the Mediterranean Sea, Waleed meets his new neighbor who is soon to become the most critical person in his life. 40-year-old Jalal, a likeable little crook and househusband with a big heart, quickly develops a close and ironic relationship with Waleed. Despite their very opposite views and lifestyles, a true male friendship quickly develops between them. But Waleed has his own plan: he harbors his desperate desire for Jalal to kill him so that it looks like an accidental death. Jalal becomes enraged at his new friend’s insane request and subsequently ends all contact with him. On the other hand, Jalal keeps receiving threats from “unpleasant” people to whom he owes money and is somehow tempted to get the “job” done. When Waleed offers him a large sum of money that would help him pay off all his debts, Jalal agrees. They set a date and a plan for the evening that will end Waleed’s life and start Jalal’s new life. Together they make a pact to help them both.


Amer Hlehel
Ashraf Farah
Anat Hadid
Samir Elias
Cynthia Saleem
Shaden Kanboura
Mediterranean Fever - Poster 1

Mediterranean Fever

Maha Haj

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany, France, Cyprus, Palestinian Territory 2022
ar., he. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 109min
1.85:1, Discrete 5.1

Director & Crew

Maha Haj 1

Maha Haj

Born in 1970 in Nazareth/Israel. Studied English and Arabic Literary History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Active as a writer and director.


2009 BURTUQAL, Kurzfilm


2016 PERSONAL AFFAIRS, Spielfilm

2022 MEDITERRANEAN FEVER, Spielfilm  HOF 2022


Maha Haj
Director of Photography
Antoine Héberlé
Véronique Lange
Production Designer
Andreas Antoniou
Sound Designer
Florian Marquardt
Mervat Hakroosh
Thanassis Karathanos
Martin Hampel
Baher Agbariya
Juliette Lepoutre
Marios Piperides
Janine Teerling
Pierre Menahem