Pia Piano

12-year-old Diana comes across a strange find in the forest early in the morning. A motionless young woman lies in the moss, her legs scratched. But she wakes up. Diana does not ask any questions, she just helps. She senses the woman needs help.

23-year-old Pia is still in a daze. She remembers nothing of last night, only dim impressions of a party, accompanied by a diffuse, uneasy feeling have remained. So she instinctively puts herself in the hands of her childlike savior, grateful for not having to explain herself to her. The two give each other the greatest gift, time and attention, and fill the spiritual voids. 

Surprised by the peculiar possession of her person, she allows the younger person everything, enjoys it as a kind of time-out and affectionately calls her own personal goddess of the hunt. Together, Pia and Diana drift, walking through the landscape with their eyes wide open to everything that is around them, making abandoned areas and things their own, encountering different people who in turn are touched by them. No matter what and whom they encounter during their wanderings: Everything resonates, acquires the color, the smell of magic combined with a mixture of humility and melancholy.... Because all are more vulnerable than it seems.


Johanna Schneider
Anna-Maria Bednarzik
Lina Schneider
Astrid Leberti
Alexander Kislinskyi
Pia Piano - Poster 2

Pia Piano

Sylke Enders

  • Fiction
Production Country / Year
Germany 2022
de. OF mit en. UT
DCP, Color, 93min
Other, Discrete 5.1

Director & Crew

Sylke Enders 1

Sylke Enders

Born in 1965 in Brandenburg. Studied Sociology at the Humboldt University, Social and Economic Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts, and Directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. Active as a director and writer.


2003 KROKO, Spielfilm  HOF 2003 2004 HAB MICH LIEB, Spielfilm 2007 MONDKALB, Spielfilm  HOF 2007 2008 DEUTSCHLAND 09 (Episode SCHIEFLAGE), Episodenfilm

Sylke Enders
Director of Photography
Jakob Wehrmann
Sylke Enders
Anna Pesavento
Production Designer
Kerstin Eichner
Costume Designer
Emmy Andres
Guillermo Fiallo Montero
Klaus-Peter Schmitt
Sound Designer
Guillermo Fiallo Montero
Music Composer
Bernd Wrede
Sylke Enders
Jakob Wehrmann
Roman Avianus