The Hof International Film Festival has always seen itself as a platform for new cinematic discoveries. The search for new talent is a major concern for us. At this year's festival, this also includes offering aspiring filmmakers the chance to network in the industry and find strong partners for the realization of their projects.

Five projects get the opportunity to present their material to selected decision makers of the industry. Each participant meets five industry representatives and has 7 minutes to convince them of his or her vision. In the best case, the ideas are so convincing that the filmmakers not only receive feedback, but also find accomplices who develop and realize these ideas with them. All participants are selected by a jury headed by the artistic director of the Hof International Film Festival, Thorsten Schaumann:

Industry representatives

Tina Hegewisch

Neue Impuls Film

Clementina Hegewisch

Born as one of six children, Tina Hegewisch developed a great passion for storytelling and a great belief in its impact. She started her professional path in the film industry at the age of 24 in Munich and has remained true to the industry ever since.

Corina Röttger

Olga Film München

Corina Röttger

Corina Röttger studied Media Studies and Literature at the University of Konstanz, among others, and participated in the one-year Cinema Studies Graduate Program at the University of Toronto as part of her Master's degree. After graduation, she worked as an assistant producer and production coordinator at Chestnut Films. Since 2017 she has been working at Olga Film in Munich and since 2019 she is co-responsible as a producer for the ZDF crime series "Kommissarin Lucas".

Matthias Damm

Casablanca Kino Nürnberg

Matthias Damm

Since 2009 cinema maker and was co-initiator of the "rescue" of the traditional Casablanca Filmkunsttheater in Nuremberg in 2019. In 2010, he became the salaried director of the house, which was revived as "Kino mit Courage" and is now run as a non-profit project and regularly receives awards as one of the best art-house cinemas in Germany.

Acrivulis II


Christos Acrivulis

In Saarbrücken, he founded the Italian cultural festival "Frammenti" and worked in the program planning department of the film festival Max Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken from 1998 to 2009. Since 2006 he has also worked as a freelancer in the areas of scheduling and press relations for various film distributors, including Ventura Film Berlin, Pro-Fun Media Frankfurt and Basis-Film Verleih Berlin. Among his external projects were/are Esmas Geheimnis, Romeos, Le Fil, New York Memories and Die Jungs vom Bahnhof Zoo. Since 2010 he curates parts of the program of the Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Italy.

Claudia Gladziejewski

Bayerischer Rundfunk

Claudia Gladziejewski

Since 1997 she has been a permanent editor at Bayerischer Rundfunk. International film festivals such as the Short Film Festival Hamburg, Tampere Film Festival, Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche regularly appointed her to the jury. Since 2001 she has been increasingly active in the field of screenwriting and teaches at various film schools (HFF Munich, FABW, HMS and many more). She has supervised and co-developed numerous award-winning films, including the OSCAR winner "The Lives of Others" in 2006.


Thomas Taube

In his works, Thomas Taube detaches the medium of film from its linear and stringent narrative structures. He studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Buchkunst Leipzig withClemens von Wedemeyer and Candice Breitz. His works have been shown in institutions such as the Museum der Bildenden Künste or the G2 Kunsthalle, in galleries and festivals such as the German Competition of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and at Les Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin.


A prefabricated housing estate south of Munich, a sociotope in which "Almanstadt" (AT) follows six characters on their search for identity through the most diverse milieus. They all do not meet and yet have more to do with each other than they think.

Rabeah Rahimi

Rabeah Rahimi fled with her family from Afghanistan to Germany in the 90s. She has appeared in international productions as an actress and graduated in 2023 with a degree in directing and producing. Her documentary "Together Against Parkinson's" won the award for best documentary short at the 2023 Berlin Short Film Festival. DITA is her feature film debut.


Zahra, 13, fled Afghanistan, traumatized. Dieter, late 50s, right-wing fellow traveler, burdened by an unspeakable guilt. Two lost souls who find each other.

Ina Balon

Ina Balon (screenplay, director for Großraumabteil), premieres FRANKAS MONSTER (screenplay and director) at the Hof International Film Festival. Derya Türkmen has been a freelance producer for three years, her last documentary "27 Stories" premiered at the Max Ophüls 2023.


GROSSRAUMABTEIL (AT) Mini series: Open the doors and welcome to the open-plan compartment of the ICE, somewhere in Germany between A and B. Pure stress for the over-friendly train conductor JIMMY (38) and his grumpy colleague ANGELA (44). There's a problem for everything and a solution for nothing...

Ferdinand und Milan Dölberg

Both of us (Milan and Ferdinand Dölberg), who come from the fields of painting, sculpture, performance and spatial installation, will bring our stylistic experiences and interests to the areas of the film for music, costume, set design and create freely. In this way we link the inherently different parts of the script into a coherent and moving overall narrative.


"Köstliche Leiche" is a film project that breaks boundaries and focuses on the unpredictable and random in film. The concept and basic approach of the script is the collaboration with four independent screenwriters, each coming from different artistic fields (writers, artists, dramaturgs, filmmakers, etc.).

Rosa Lena Lange und Charlotte Weinreich

Charlotte Weinreich and Rosa-Lena Lange are two young filmmakers from Berlin, who together present their project idea "YOU OWE ME".


The documentary YOU OWE ME tells about the lives of three indebted women in Argentina, who are particularly affected by the ongoing economic crisis in the country.