The International Hofer Festival has always been a leader in the development of their program.

Since its foundation in 1967, the International Hof Film Festival (IHF) has been a platform for the new, for trying things out. What began as the ‚smallest film festival‘ with a matinee of short films evolved as the kick-off platform for new cinematic discoveries.

Among these evolutions is the continuous technical expansion of the festival. For example, a Virtual Reality (VR) Experience was introduced by ARRI at the 52nd IHF in 2018. In 2020, a video-on-demand platform was introduced. This made IHF the first film festival in Germany to make all festival films available to audiences nationwide on demand.

In addition, live digital streaming was expanded. It began with the broadcast of individual program items such as panels and award ceremonies. Today, the Filmtage broadcasts from 10:00 a.m. to midnight with the HoF Streaming Channel and its own formats such as the FrühstücksClub and the late night show GASTHoF.

The focus is always on the cinema. All the more it is essential to actively shape the rapid digital development and the accompanying change in the (viewing) possibilities of the cinema audience. The Hofer Filmtage therefore initiates a new area: HoFXR (Extended Reality), a project for the integration of immersive film experiences. The project is supported by the RAINER MARKGRAF STIFTUNG.


Hof xr stage 2

The kick-off to the 57th International Hofer Filmtage 2023 will be two projects.

The German festival premiere of the Cinematic VR Experience AUFWIND (world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival 2023) can be experienced exclusively at the HoF Meeting Point, the civil society. AUFWIND will be experienced in virtual reality and with multi-sensory technology (vibration, wind, heat, cold, smell) and was recorded with the completely new technology of Volume Capture. Through the development of Volume Capture, it is now possible to record real acting performances in 360 degrees and integrate them into digital worlds in Virtual Reality.

The other project is set in the field of augmented reality (AR) and shows the history of the Filmtage: HoF History - the AR web app is at the same time an exploration tour through the city center of Hof in the city.There, at various points, the current Filmtage poster is provided with a QR code.If these are scanned with the cell phone camera, it opens via the smartphone browser and the current film poster morphs into past years of the festival. Thus, the city walk becomes a time travel through HoF History.

We thank the Rainer Markgraf Foundation in Bayreuth for their support in making this great journey into a cinematic future possible.

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„Aufwind“ tells the story of two Berliners, Charlotte Möhring and Melli Beese, the first two German women to take their pilot‘s license and try to make it in the male domain of aviation.

The story is set in 1912 in the Ruhr region, where Charlotte and Melli meet on the occasion of an airship christening. While some men try to keep all women away from flying, Charlotte and Melli fight for their self-determination and, as pioneers, shape the

early history of aviation.


The audience will have the opportunity to interactively intervene in the events of the story. In „Aufwind“ you will be able to drive through the landscape of the Ruhr area in a contemporary vehicle and even fly an airplane yourself at the end of the experience!


The production company behind „Aufwind“ is NEONREAL from Düsseldorf, which brings years of experience in the development of virtual reality and digital worlds. In the past, we have already successfully realized stories in virtual reality, including „Essen 1887“ with Henning Baum, Tatjana Clasing, Alicja Rosinski and Harry Wijnvoord or „Schumann VR“ with pianist Jan Lisiecki.

For the three-dimensional, volumetric recordings of the actors, we worked with the studio „Volucap BerlinBabelsberg“, who supported us in the realization of this innovative technology.

You will find the project throughout the festival in the Bürgergesellschaft in Hof.

Where and when

24/10 to 29/10 in the

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Florian Siebert

Peter Marszalek

Jan Thiel

Kathrin Tong
Lead Artist NEONREAL

Sven Bliedung von der Heide
CEO Volucap Berlin

Torsten Schimmer
Volucap Berlin


Louise Befort
Wotan Wilke Möring
Michelle Barthel

HoF History

Hof history

The „AR HoF History Project“ was recently launched to make the festival stories visible and tangible. The many moments of the filmmakers are time stamps, often handed down with myths and exciting stories.

A journey into the past of the Hofer Filmtage with the help of Augmented Reality (AR).

In collaboration with the extended realities agency Kollektiv17, we developed time travel posters and distributed them in downtown Hof. If you scan one of these posters, your own smartphone becomes a “flux capacitor” that allows you to experience highlights from earlier festival years as a HoF History Trip.


Kollektiv17 - friends with common values and a vision. As a collective they share everything, because together they are more.

Without hierarchies and ego trips they make decisions and work according to an equal performance principle. Kollektiv17 wants to let off steam in software development, but also realize off the screen.

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Online at any time at

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Simon Schmitt
Thorsten Jonas
Wilfried Pfilf