Change is the Only Constant Thing

The film accompanies the life of an artist in Barcelona and Leipzig, who lives, works and organizes parties in former industrial buildings. She improvises and designs these industrial spaces from things that others throw away. The result is a life-size collage that serves to bring people together and unite them. Filled with electronic music and dance, these spaces help her to satisfy the desire for a primal sense of community. “Places where people fall in love and finally find peace in this world”, says Naroma. But these places are always the target of urban upheaval processes and tend to disappear. How do we want to live and what remains of our ideals and dreams? In the end, do we need someone to take these ideals and dreams by the hand, even if they seem to be unreachable?



Change is the Only Constant Thing - Still 1

Change is the Only Constant Thing

Country, Year
Germany, Spain, 2020
German, Spanish, English