Citizen Nobel

When Jacques Dubochet receives the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, his life changes. Out of the shadows and into the light, he is suddenly contacted from all sides. What can he do with his voice, which is now heard by everyone? How should he, as a ‘noble citizen’, fulfill his responsibility as a researcher and human being? A speech by Greta Thunberg turns everything upside down.

The film shows how the biophysicist Dubochet repeatedly appears on television, attends scientific events or a book fair. The director accompanies the 75-year-old with a camera team and records his everyday life. What happens to someone who is suddenly world famous? Dubochet receives numerous invitations every day, he is recognized on the street, teenagers want to take selfies with him. But very few people really understand what Dubochet was actually awarded the Nobel Prize for.



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Citoyen Nobel

Citizen Nobel

Country, Year
Switzerland, 2020
French, English, German