Crisis is always

CRISIS IS ALWAYS tells the story of a young woman’s politicization. In the midst of (anti)feminism, right-wing populism and precarity emerges a tender story of solidarity and friendship between the young protagonist Laura, her best friend Aylin, and Tamara, a non-binary trans person in her mid sixties.

Laura, in her early 20s, is looking for her place in life. She works as a cleaner in a hotel – precariously employed, in debt, and without any formal training or qualifications. Laura is in crisis. But there is a glimmer of hope: she wants to move in with Franziska, her partner. Franziska is a member of a new far-right party and Laura’s interest in politics is piqued.

Laura is connected to her best friend Aylin, who works in the kitchen of the same hotel, through tender working class solidarity. When Aylin finds out that Laura’s girlfriend Franziska is a member of a far-right party, Laura’s one friendship is at stake. It is only through a chance encounter with the 60-something trans activist, Tamara, that she is able to gain a new perspective.



Krise ist immer - Still 1

Krise ist immer

Crisis is always

Country, Year
Germany, 2020