The middle of the 21st century. A dystopian drama in an overaged and run-down Germany. When the so-called “Endjährigkeit” - compulsory euthanasia at the age of 80 - is introduced, a father and a son are forced to put their broken relationship to a final test.

For the Alliance Fountain of Youth Germany (BJD), the promotion of the next generation and the youth has the highest priority and is regarded as the only alternative to free the country from need and misery. To achieve this, the ruling system imposes tough measures and reforms on the elderly. When the father (78) of Karl (45), a public official, can no longer make ends meet in terms of his health and finances, the son comes under great pressure - especially since the introduction of the final age of 80 is imminent.

The father wants to flee from his fate, with the help of his son. Karl tries to manipulate his supervisor for this purpose, but this has unforeseen consequences for the escape plans.



Endjährig - Still 1



Country, Year
Germany, 2020