In the Light of the Night

Minthe Hellheim suffers from depression. She doesn’t know where she comes from or who her parents are and spent her childhood in institutions. Tormented by recurring nightmares, she struggles through with odd jobs. A new beginning seems within reach when she receives a job offer. She is to restore an old mill in her home town. She has no idea that she is already the victim of an intrigue. Suddenly she finds herself confronted with the secret world of the “Shapeshifters” in Wolf Valley. Evil in its physical form, hidden away in an underground cave system and unreachable for Minthe, irritates her, but at the same time it exerts an inexplicable attraction on her. In her search for her true identity, she has to face her past and the mysterious creature, and eventually begins a whole new life.



Im Nachtlicht - Still 1

Im Nachtlicht

In the Light of the Night

Country, Year
Germany, 2020