An extreme winter storm paralyzes Munich. In the midst of it, three women who live together, sharing the rent in the overpriced metropolis. The extremely pregnant Alina waits in vain for a call from the father-to-be. Christa can’t go to work because of the raging storm. She was a famous skier, but now has an amputated leg. Talking to her about it is not a good idea. 

Lucy, who owns the apartment, couldn’t care less about being considerate. She is head-over-heels in love and is looking forward to a day of warmth with her beautiful girlfriend Jessica. The latter is a quiet and sensitive listener who wonders about the relentless war of words between the women in the shared flat. 

Nevertheless, the morning could pass quietly if it weren’t for the threat of the nascent black ice, and if Alina wasn’t going into labor right now. No cab, no ambulance can pick her up. The neighbor Melissa, who is hovering in esoteric realms, can’t move her car either. They are all locked into the apartment. And yet Alina’s mother, Mrs. Hartmaier, manages to trudge to the apartment, which leads to even more conflict. They all get on each other’s nerves. Alina’s contractions get stronger and stronger, and to make matters worse, the power fails. The mood tips from tangible arguments to emotionally charged confessions. Until Alina can’t take it anymore. Jessica unexpectedly takes the lead - because it’s a matter of life and death. Only cohesion can save the day.



Los(ge)lassen - Poster 1


Let go

Country, Year
Germany, 2021
English, German