The marriage between Patrick, a sociology professor, and Julia, a psychotherapist, is a successful, stable union that is the envy of many. A community in which they find security and inspiration, except for one thing: sexuality. Enlightened and open, the two decide to outsource the “problem”. Patrick finds the young Claire on an Internet site: natural, smart, attractive - in other words, desirable. Claire is a woman who knows exactly what she is doing, who rejects the victim role for herself and wisely uses her erotic capital to be materially taken care of. Patrick and Julia have agreed on the terms for themselves: The affair should not endanger their marriage, should not touch their everyday life, their family, their professional spheres, but should be limited to sex alone.

Patrick cannot control his emotions as well as he thought. When Claire finds out that Julia is not only aware of the relationship, but that she is only a means to an end for the two of them, she begins to overstep the set boundaries, penetrating deeper and deeper into the everyday life - not only of Patrick but also of Julia - and thus upsetting the entire life of both of them.



Sugarlove - Poster 1


Country, Year
Germany, 2020
No subtitles