The Whisper of Silence

After suffering a brutal rape, coffee picker Josefina Moreno seeks consolation from her godmother. In vain. But she does help Josefina, who has an unusually keen sense of smell, to become a coffee taster. When the owner of the plantation she works at finds out about her unique talent, he begins to formally introduce her to the world of coffee tasting.

Just as her new calling is gaining her a national reputation, her brother, Alfredo, gets into trouble while trying to take revenge for the brutal rape of his sister and, through no fault of his own, ends up in jail.

The plantation owner helps Josefina to get her brother out of this desperate situation, and with hope on the horizon, Josefina succeeds in taking the plantation to the country’s top competition. But then, fate strikes again …



El Suspiro del Silencio - Poster 1

El Suspiro del Silencio

The Whisper of Silence

Country, Year
Canada, El Salvador, Colombia, 2021