The 55th Hof International Film Festival 2021 will take place as a dual festival. The festival consists of two festival components:

  • Face-to-face screenings in the cinema under 3G+
  • Films on demand at HoF On Demand

Screenings in cinemas under 3G+

As always, there will be face-to-face screenings in the Central Kino, the Scala Filmtheater and in the Bürgergesellschaft in Hof. Accredited trade visitors and film fans will watch the films together again this year. Ticket sales for the presence screenings will take place online this year. Additionally, there will be a ticket booth on site near Central Kino beginning at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 26 October 2021.

The ticket prices of the cinema screenings on site:

  • per film: 8 €
  • Ticket of 5: 35 €
  • Ticket of 10: 70 €

If you are booking your cinema ticket online, please note that there are two different login procedures for online cinema tickets and for the Hof on Demand portal.

Payment method online: credit card
Payment methods at the ticket office: cash, EC and credit card

We want you to move safely and feel comfortable in the cinema: We ask for your understanding that you have chosen the 3G+ model for your safety. In addition, the cinemas are only filled to about 50%.

Although there is no mask requirement at the seat, we recommend that all visitors wear a mask at the seat.

For faster admission, it makes sense to document compliance with the 3G+ rules with a band around the wrist. Please get the tape before the cinema screening at our dispensary and show your proof of vaccination (the fastest with the CovPass app) or Your PCR test and your ID. The admission is much faster!

Against this background, all cinema tickets should be purchased online; for all those who do not want to or cannot do so, tickets are also available at the container in the old town. Several visitors from one household can book places next to each other.


All demonstrations are organized in compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations, which you can read in detail here.

Films on demand at HoF on Demand

In addition to the cinema screenings, most festival films will be shown online at HoF On Demand until 7 November 2021. The films can be seen as individual retrieval (VoD) after the premiere in the cinema. Selected film premieres will be offered via live stream from the cinema.

A film on HoF On Demand is available for 48 hours from the time of purchase if you have booked a film that is already available. If you buy the movie in advance, i.e. before it is available on Demand, the 48-hour period starts with the first play. You will receive an email reminder when your pre-sold movie starts online.

The use of HoF On Demand is only possible from Germany. Depending on the film, there may be maximum limits for the maximum number of views as well as for the period available online.

HoF On Demand Tickets:

  • per film: 7 €
  • Pass of 5: 30 €
  • 10-person pass 55 €
  • Short Film Pass: 20 €

Please note that there are two different login procedures for online cinema tickets and for the Hof on Demand portal.

Payment methods for Hof on Demand: PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer

As in the cinema, the films are offered in the form of screenings. With a ticket you can, with a few exceptions, watch a short film and a feature film. With the special short film pass you have access to all short film.


Visit our movie portal to watch movies online.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact our support, by e-mail or via the telephone hotline 09281 9799760, available daily from 18:00 to 21:00.

Trade visitors

As an accredited trade visitor you will be informed about your accreditation in due time before the festival. Please note that there are two different login procedures for online cinema tickets and for the Hof on Demand portal.

Online cinema tickets

Please log in to the cinema ticket portal using the e-mail address you already used for your request and then confirm the e-mail address using the e-mail in your inbox. Then, when you log in again, the ticket portal will recognize your credentials once you are logged in.

Hof on Demand Portal

Please create an account and log in using the email address that you used for accreditation or that you have on file with us. For the Hof on Demand portal, you will receive a personal accreditation code by e-mail, please enter this code when registering. You can add this accreditation code at any time later in your profile settings (Your name / My profile).