Retrospective Eran Riklis

The retrospective of the 48th International Hof Film Festival 2014 is dedicated to the Israeli director Eran Riklis.

For more than 10 years, Eran Riklis has been considered one of the most important representatives of Israeli cinema. Born in 1954, he studied at the famous Beaconsfield National Film and Television School in England. His first film, ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE DAMASCUS (1984), already displayed his commitment to his Israel-Palestinian cultural heritage. Yet he doesn’t consider himself a “political director”, but rather a mediator between both cultures. With his films, he would like to contribute to a more contemplative and open interaction for a multi-cultural society and the dismantling of prejudices.

„... everything depends on who you are and the identity you give yourself." Eran Riklis

His film THE CUP (1991) catapulted him to international attention, and his big breakthrough came with the film THE SYRIAN BRIDE (2004), which was invited to festivals around the world and won numerous international prizes. In 2008 he particpated in the Panorama program of the Berlinale with LEMON TREE and won the section’s Audience Award. In 2010, his film THE HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER was selected to represent Israel at the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

Eran Riklis is one of the most prominent European directors of international standing. From 23-26 October 2014, Eran Riklis will be in the Upper Franconian town of Hof to personally present a » selection of his films, including two short films.