ONE BREATH to open the 49th Hof International Film Festival

    The 49th Hof International Film Festival will open on Tuesday, 20 October 2015 with Christian Zübert’s (TOUR DE FORCE, THREE QUARTER MOON, LAMMBOCK) new film ONE BREATH and emphasizes once again a current socio-political focus. Against the background of the collapse of Europe, the film tells a universal story about guilt, atonement and forgiveness.

    The story: Two women, Tessa (37) seems to have a perfect life, Greek Elena (27) is trying to earn money in Germany. A journey to one’s inner self. A lost child and a single breath unite the two women. A torn and loving mother looking for her child. A pregnant woman fleeing from responsibility. Two women, as different as they are, are pushed to the limits of humanity. Yet still, they are united by a single breath that determines everything.

    "I wanted to make a film about people. A film close their feelings and emotions, a film which offers the viewer some truth about these people, one which stirs emotions and makes you laugh and cry and is sometimes even quite shocking." Christian Zübert

    The leading actors are Jördis Triebel (WEST, EMMA’S BLISS), Benjamin Sadler (THE PURSUIT OF UNHAPPINESS, IF NOT US, WHO) and newcomer Chara Mata Giannatou. The screenplay was written by Christian Zübert together with his wife Ipek Zübert. Ngo The Chau stood behind the camera. The film was produced by Ulf Israel for Senator Film Köln and Costas Labropoulos for View Master Productions. Wild Bunch will release the film in German cinemas in January 2016.

    103 | Tue. | 19:30 | Central
    703 | Tue. | 20:00 | Scala
    812 | Wed. | 14:45 | Regina
    653 | Sun. | 15:00 | Club