The 50th Hof International Film Festival to open with THE BLOOM OF YESTERDAY

On Tuesday, 25 October 2016 the 50th edition of the Hof International Film Festival will open with the new film by Chris Kraus, THE BLOOM OF YESTERDAY, exactly ten years after his debut in Hof with the brilliant and award-winning film FOUR MINUTES. In 2007, Kraus presented BELLA BLOCK – DIE REISE NACH CHINA, in 2010 THE POLL DIARIES, and in 2012 the compilation film ROSAKINDER at the festival. THE BLOOM OF YESTERDAY is Chris Kraus’ fourth feature film, for which he also wrote the screenplay. In the leading roles are Lars Eidinger, Adèle Haenel, Jan Josef Liefers, Hannah Herzsprung, Sigrid Marquardt, Rolf Hoppe and many others.

About the film: Totila Blumen is a Holocaust researcher. As such, he knows no fun. Neither in ordinary things, nor in anything special, particularly when his colleagues try to turn an Auschwitz convention into a ad-financed media event. When the young and annoying French student intern Zazie, who follows him around like a puppy and is having an affair with his boss, is assigned to him, he is at his wit’s end.

But complaining doesn’t help. So Totila carries along with his work, assisted by the eccentric Zazie. But she seems to have her own agenda – one which is closely connected to Totila’s background and his well-kept family secret. Chris Kraus:

“It was important for me to open up windows with this film, be it in order to allow light and air in to a certain topic which has challenged me for years, a topic which has been at threat of losing its sense of urgency, which it still has, to the overwhelming provisions of commemoration.”

The film is a production by DOR FILM WEST and FOUR MINUTES FILMPRODUKTION, in co-production with DOR FILM and SWR, ARD DEGETO, NDR, BR, HR and ORF.

703 | Tue. | 19:30 | Scala
103 | Tue. | 20:15 | Central
725 | Thu. | 18:30 | Scala
137 | Fri. | 24:00 | Central