Special screening:ICH, JUDAS

Judas. His name stands for betrayal: His story is one of guilt without pardon. He is the only enemy for whom there is no love, the most hated, the most persecuted and demonized: Judas, Jesus’ disciple who betrayed God’s son with his kiss and delivered him unto the cross.

Ben Becker takes on this role. He subjects himself to the anathema of a 2000 year old curse and defends Judas with a text by Walter Jens, after which nothing is as it seems.

In 2016, Ben Becker had the idea of recording ICH, JUDAS in order to present and bring understanding of “his” Judas to a wider audience. Ben Becker was able to convince two renowned production companies with his project, Apollo-Film and Rekord Film, and with the German-Turkish director Serdar Dogan, he found the ideal companion for the realization of his film idea.

The special screening of ICH, JUDAS:
151 | Sun. | 11:00 | Central

Recording from the Berlin Cathedral on 18 March 2017
Direction & enactment: Ben Becker
Film direction: Serdar Dogan
Color | 87 min | D | 2017
Stereo | German original version