Successful year for the 51st Hof International Film Festival

When the final film of the 51st Hof International Film Festival rolls this evening, the new artistic director Thorsten Schaumann can look back on six successful festival days which complement the past years.

“The last six days have been crazy. The cinemas were full and the audiences enthusiastic. We had great conversations, and not only following the screenings. I was so happy to have so many guests come to the festival and am grateful for their trust in me. The HoF PLUS program came over very well and the expectations soared from event to event. And here I would like to particularly mention the phenomenal success of our midnight screenings for short films, ‘shortStories’. I am so very happy that this new concept was so well received.” Thorsten Schaumann

With some 30,000 occupied seats in the cinemas and around 12,000 tickets sold, the 51st Hof International Film Festival is in a top position. Packed cinemas, the well-attended framework program HoF PLUS, numerous guests – filmmakers, producers, distributors, commissioning editors and the press, not to mention the awards, parties, sausages and soccer.