The Year of new Discoveries

The 51st Hof International Film Festival, under the new artistic director Thorsten Schaumann, is placing a special focus on young filmmakers. This year’s edition is full of new discoveries, topics taken from real life, politically relevant tales, and stories about strong women.

“German films are quite diversified. It is fascinating to see what kinds of subjects concern young directors. There are topics of social commitment, wild party life, self-determination and current socio-political problems. In any case, we have a lot of surprises this year.” Thorsten Schaumann

Here is a first selection:

AVA by Sabine Nawrath portrays the ambition of a young competitive athlete against the backdrop of her own personal sorrow.

DECKNAME JENNY by Samira Fansa tells the fictive story of young activists and former militants, about people who are not willing to accept the idea Europe as a fortress.

FREIHEIT by Jan Speckenbach, who has already been to Hof in 2008 and 2009 with short films, poses the questions of what freedom is worth and what do happiness and freedom really mean?

LA DEUTSCHE VITA by Nicolas Clasen portrays the wild party life of three friends who are searching for their place in life. Each in his own individual way, but not everyone can deal with life’s challenges. Frederick Lau, Andreas Bichler and Max Rothbart are in the leading roles.

LUX, KRIEGER DES LICHTS by Daniel Wild accompanies the real life superhero Lux in his everyday fight for a better world. When a film team takes notice of him, things change and nothing is as it was before. The leading role of the superhero is played by Franz Rogowski.

SOMEWHERE IN TONGA by Florian Schewe journeys to the Kingdom of Tonga, where Wolski, a social education worker, wants to help give a criminal youth a second chance. They move to a desert island together, but the situation escalates. Wolski doesn’t give up. Thrillingly told and based on a true story.

VON KOMISCHEN VÖGELN by Eike Weinreich tells the story of an attempts to rid oneself of one’s own valuations and prejudices in a thoroughly moralized society and to find a new path in life.

ZWISCHEN SOMMER & HERBST by Daniel Manns depicts the unusual encounter between two women; in the midst of an intimate setting, a gripping love story develops.