Acquisition of the Galeriehaus, the nucleus of the Hof International Film Festival, secured

The VR-Bank Bayreuth-Hof has collected donations via its crowdfunding platform for numerous projects, but the proceeds which came together for the Galeriehaus were the highest ever. Bernd Schnabel, board member of the VR-Bank, handed over a check for €54,690 to Christine Walther, Andreas Walter and Thorsten Schaumann of the Cine Center Hof e.V. team.

„We are very pleased that this campaign has made it possible for the tradition of the Galeriehaus in Hof to continue.“ Bernd Schnabel

The campaign had a “fantastic run,” said Andreas Walter and thanked the almost 250 donors. Thorsten Schaumann, artistic director of the Hof International Film Festival, expressed his “incredible respect” to everyone who participated. The next step is to finalize the sales contract with the current owner of the Galeriehaus, Dr. Karl Gerhard Schmidt. In order to maintain the Galeriehaus as a cultural venue, the Cine Center Hof e.V. is planning extensive renovations after the purchase of the building.

Photo (Annie Sziegoleit): Thorsten Schaumann, Andreas Walter and Christine Walther (Cine Center Hof e.V.) with Bernd Schnabel and Liska Kemnitzer (VR-Bank).