HoF Festival Rendezvous – We did it again with DER MOTIVATIONSTRAINER by Julian Amershi & Martin Rieck

At the same place where the first screening of DER MOTIVATIONSTRAINER took place is also where the probably last cinema screening of the documentary about Jürgen Holler was held. On September 4th at 11:45 pm, the film will be broadcast on ARD. For Julian Amershi, one of the two directors in addition to Martin Rieck, it was (almost) as exciting as the world premiere at last year’s Hof International Film Festival. In the Central Kino in downtown Hof there were once again heated discussions – DER MOTIVATIONTRAINER shows that cinema lives on!

“We are very thankful to Hof for a lot of things: the attention the festival gave to our film opened a lot of doors. And even months after the premiere, Hof still continues to support its films and makes sure that one really feels taken care of as a filmmaker here.” Julian Amershi and Martin Rieck

HoF Festival Rendezvous – Catch up on films you missed or rediscover films! We’ll continue again soon ...