Double Pack with Triple Play: A Touch of Festival Feeling

    HoF Rendezvous and #oF Next - Double Pack with Triple Play

    Double Pack with Triple Play: A Touch of Festival Feeling

    There was a lot of laughs and smiles at the Hof Rendezvous with our guests Lukas Röder, director of LEBEN SCHMECKEN, as well as with Eike Weinreich and Alexej Hermann, directors of THE LEFTOVERS. The atmosphere in the Central Kino in Hof was exuberant and of course the informal atmosphere in the Galeriehaus continued afterwards.

    The following Monday, 27 May, the filmmakers Weinreich-Hermann came to the #oF Next screening of VON KOMISCHEN VÖGELN at the Schiller-Gymnasium, which was supported by the Rotary Club Hof. And there was also a lively exchange with the future generation of film lovers. Thus the cinema proves itself as the space of shared experience and communication and Hof as the true Home of Films.

    Title photo: At the HoF Rendezvous in the Central-Kino (from right to left): Christine Walther, Lukas Röder (LEBEN SCHMECKEN), Sebastian Schumann (Schiller-Gymnasium), Eike Weinreich and Alexej Hermann (THE LEFTOVERS, VON KOMISCHEN VÖGELN), Nicolas Zehe (Schiller-Gymnasium) and artistic director Thorsten Schaumann. Photo: Andreas Rau