HoF Documentary Film Week in Cinemas

UNSER TEAM - NOSSA CHAPE in German cinemas
FAIR TRADERS in German cinemas
STILLER KAMERAD in German cinemas

HoF Documentary Film Week in Cinemas

Documentary films are information and emotion pure. And both of the documentary films UNSER TEAM – NOSSA CHAPE as well as FAIR TRADERS are very much a part of this tradition. They fascinated audiences at the Hof International Film Festival and are now in German cinemas, from 28 March 2019.

And if you have a hankering for something really special, check out SILENT COMRADE by Leonhard Hollmann, which was in the 2017 festival program and in cinemas since 7 February 2019.


About the film: On 28 November 2016, the soccer club of the small Brazilian town of Chapecó is on its way to the greatest highlight in the club’s history, the finals of the Copa Sudamericana. But there is a tragic accident during the flight to Colombia for the first match against Atlético Nacional: the plane crashes in the mountains, just eight miles from the airport, with the team, the coaching staff, the manager and journalists on board. Of the 77 passengers, only six people survive, seriously injured. Among the survivors are three of the team players.

How does one deal with such a tragedy? The club, surviving relatives and the residents of Chapecó are torn between their mourning and the desire to carry on.

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About the film: Three players in the free market take on ethical responsibility for their actions and the following generations: they engage in sustainable production. At various stages, the film charts the careers of successful entrepreneurs who operate locally, nationally and internationally and manage to combine both the market and morality.

The film examines the question of what a neo-liberal economic model could look like and presents the positions of three pioneers, who, day in and day out, balance out fair working conditions, biological production and the cost pressures of the free economy. The film presents a motivating approach to solving a situation which often appears hopeless. It emphasizes ethics and sustainability as factors for success.

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FAIR TRADERS (Official Trailer / Deutsch)
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About the film: Every year, the German army is deployed by the German parliament to various crisis zones. Each and every one of these missions returns wounded soldiers back home. Their wounds, however, are not always visible and often only become apparent years later in the form of emotional imbalance. One such emotional imbalance is the “so-called” post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People suffer from nightmares and the reliving of their missions, triggered by environmental influences.

The army’s psychiatric therapies can’t help everyone. In cases where conventional medicine reaches its limits, Claudia Swierczek implements her horses. In many years of work, she has developed a therapeutic method which uses the special abilities of horses to help patients who have been deemed otherwise untreatable.

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STILLER KAMERAD - Dokumentarfilm
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