The latest from German Feature Films

The latest from German Feature Films - KOPFPLATZEN

The latest from German Feature Films

When the 53rd Hof International Film Festival 2019 opens on 22 October 2019, there will again be encounters with old and new friends, companions and many young filmmakers who will present their first film attempts or their first feature films - feature films and documentaries - or even their latest works to the public. The themes of this year's films revolve around retrospections of a divided and reunited Germany, political and personal fates, challenging love relationships and modern, difficult family relationships, and criminal energies.

We would like to give you a first impression of the German program of this year's Hof International Film Festival:

Director: Lillian Loveday Erlinger
Marx, a young German, wants to regain his strength along the cliffs of Apulia after his suicidal depression. He flees from his problems directly into the arms of the mysterious, Russian beauty Mercedes, who finds pleasure in creating new problems. A game begins that tests the boundaries between reality and fiction.
With Lena Tronina, Louis von Klipstein, Federico Calistri, Carlotta Bazzu

Director: Sven O. Hill
Summer 1988: A young bank clerk, father and rocker, discovers a security leak and steals millions from his bank, which he manages to put to the side with an ingenious COUP. He sets off for Australia, but his girlfriend doesn't want to follow him and puts him under pressure.
With Daniel Michel, Tomasz Robak, Paula Kalenberg, Rocko Schamoni

Director: Annette Friedmann
After separating from his girlfriend Lisa, the artist Jiri has to fight for his son. In his desperation, he kidnaps him. In the end there is a confrontation in which both parents have to agree to find the best solution for the child.
With Roman Knižka, Annika Blendl, Maximilian Sterk, Walter Kreye

Director: Dominik Graf
Commissioner Bessie Eyckhoff's team is supposed to monitor a company suspected of carrying out illegal insider trading on the stock exchange. But the temptation to make a profit from the insider information they have become privy to is too great for some of her colleagues.
With Verena Altenberger, Andreas Bittl, Wolf Danny Homann, Dimitri Abold

Director: Connie Walther
In a prison, four young prisoners work under the guidance of a dog trainer with dogs that attack people. Only if aggression can take place, according to the trainer's attitude, can the eternal cycle of violence and counterviolence be interrupted. But who treats whom? The men the dogs, or the dogs the men? Or in the end the men and the dogs the woman?
With Nadin Matthews, Ibrahim Al-Khalil, Konstantin-Philippe Benedikt, Ali Khalil, Marcel Andrée

Director: Georg Pelzer
Jonas loses his job and can't bring himself to tell his girlfriend, who is in the middle of her exams, the truth. He becomes more and more entangled in everyday lies until he gradually loses control of the situation.
With Fabian Kloiber, Alissa Borchert, Tobias Schormann Tamara Theisen

Director: Arne Körner
Bernd is a supporting actor at the St. Pauli Theater in Hamburg and just manages to get by. Things with his girlfriend aren't going so well either and he has hardly any time for their little son. When he is offered a "leading role" he takes it up, but it's a play about two SS men who destroy "undesirables", a nightmare of a role. A mysterious young woman becomes Bernd's only ray of hope.
With Rafael Stachowiak, Gala Othero Winter, Kristof van Boven, Harry Baer

Director: Florian Aigner
1990: The Wall is open, German unity is in preparation, and the dispute over how to deal with expropriated houses is in full swing. In this time full of hopes and fears, Katja from West Berlin and Thorben from the GDR are experiencing their first great love. A difficult love, because her parents are fiercely fighting for a house in Kleinmachnow (GDR). It's about old wounds and new prejudices.
With Emilie Neumeister, Ludwig Simon, Andreas Döhler, Lisa Hagemeister

Director: Savaş Ceviz
When single mother Jessica and her 8-year-old son move into the apartment next to Markus, a good-looking architect, an intense relationship develops between the three, one that transcends neighborly intentions. But how long can Markus hide his true feelings?
With Max Riemelt, Oskar Netzel, Isabell Gerschke, Luise Heyer, Joel Basman

Director: Michael Siebert
Sophie and Wolfram, both theater actors and terminally ill, want to spend the rest of their time together before they put an end to their lives. While waiting for the lethal medication, Sophie gathers all of her strength and takes Wolfram onto the big theater stage and relives her greatest roles ...
With Sophie von Kessel, Wolfram Rupperti, Ulrike Willenbacher

Director: Waldemar Oldenburger
Vera, suffering from depression and drug addiction herself, helps lonely people commit suicide, all the while singing a lullaby from her childhood. An assignment leads her to 80-year-old Gerda, who recognizes the song and gives Vera a riddle that establishes a connection to her family. When Gerda's son returns and realizes that his mother is still alive, the situation escalates.
With Amanda Da Gloria, Andras Wimberger, Astrid Polak, Nadja Sabersky