Digital premiere for the film release:MASTER OF DISASTER on Kino on Demand


Digital premiere for the film release: MASTER OF DISASTER on Kino on Demand

The documentary film MASTER OF DISASTER enters a parallel universe of our everyday life: the world of disaster prevention and research. The film shows the various protagonists in their simulations and test runs and in researching human behavior in the event of a disaster. We see the work of the rescue forces, upon whose largely voluntary commitment the entire disaster and accident relief model in Germany is based. MASTER OF DISASTER provides exciting and up-to-date insight.

The winner of last year’s German Cinema New Talent Award for Best Film, Sven O. Hill for his film COUP, was the cinematographer for MASTER OF DISASTER, which was directed by two Home of Films friends, Jürgen Brügger and Jörg Haaßengier (AUSFAHRT EDEN, 2010 in Hof).

The theatrical release of the film was scheduled for 26 March 2020. But challenging times require special measures. This is one of the first digital premieres for the release of a German film. And it’s all happening with our partner Kino on Demand:

Master of Disaster Trailer 1:52''
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