FREDDY/EDDY Live - Online Cinema and Talk with Tini Tüllmann

Wim Wenders überreicht den ersten Heinz-Badewitz-Preis an die Regisseurin Tini Tüllmann. Ausgezeichnet wird die Jungfilmerin für FREDDY EDDY. Foto: Hendrik Ertel

FREDDY/EDDY Live - Online Cinema and Talk with Tini Tüllmann

At the 50th Hof International Film Festival in 2016, Tini Tüllmann was honored with the Heinz Badewitz Award (Best Direction) for her thriller FREDDY/EDDY. The prize was presented to her by Wim Wenders.

In the middle of Freddy’s most serious crisis, Eddy, his imaginary childhood friend, suddenly reappears. Not only is he the spitting image of Freddy, but since his appearance all kinds of terrible things have happened ...

“Tini Tüllmann’s directorial debut is a solitaire in German cinema because it dares to take a story from the German provinces to the extreme using the classic means of genre film. With great imagination, unusual energy and staging precision, she has created a remarkably exceptional German film, one which we would gladly see become the rule.” Statement from the members of the festival advisory team Linda Söfker und Alfred Holighaus 2016

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Grandiosely played, among others, by Felix Schäfer and Jessica Schwarz! On Saturday we’ll be in the live online cinema and look forward to seeing FREDDY/EDDY and Tini Tüllmann again.

Live online cinema with FREDDY/EDDY followed by a discussion with director Tini Tüllmann

Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 8:00 pm

» Lodderbast Talk

How much:
Free screening, but you can also purchase a donation ticket. The donation link is available in the live stream. All proceeds go directly to the filmmaker.