Support the Cinemas:With the HoF Film Collection on Kino on Demand

HoF Film Collection on Kino on Demand

Support the Cinemas: With the HoF Film Collection on Kino on Demand

Due to the Corona pandemic, the cinemas remain closed. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great films at home. And at the same time, you can enjoy some Home of Films flair in your own home, with films from some of the last festival editions, including: LOVE BETWEEN THE WALLS and MARY SHELLEY, SILENT COMRADE and NOAH WISE. But there’s also THE AFFAIRE MARVIN, HANNA’S HOMECOMING and THREE PEAKS too – something for everyone!

At Kino on Demand you can find the collection of the Hof International Film Festival with selected festival titles. On top of that, you will even be supporting your local cinema in this time of crisis! Because when you “rent” a film of your choice from a cinema for the price of a ticket, the cinema itself will share in the proceeds. And you’ll get a cinema voucher with your first purchase and after the fifth cinema (on-demand) visit, which can be redeemed as soon as the cinemas re-open!

The regular streaming fee for 48 hours is 4.99 euros, some films are even available for the reduced price of 3.99 euros. German premieres, meaning films that would normally be showing regularly in the cinemas right now, cost from 10 euros for 48 hours. The Hof International Film Festival Collection has been available on Kino on Demand since 2018.