The GRANIT – Hof Documentary Film Award goes to Agnes Lisa Wegner for KÖNIG BANSAH AND HIS DAUGHTER

The GRANIT - Hof Documentary Award 2020 goes to KING BANSAH AND HIS DAUGHTER by Agnes Lisa Wegner.

From the jury statement: "We live in a time of great uncertainty. In this time, where much threatens to fall apart, two films stand out from the program that tell of cohesion and tradition in the here and now. We would like to give an honorable mention to the film HALDERN POP - VILLAGE WITH FESTIVAL by Monika Pirch. The filmmaker impressively captures the commitment of the village community, which combines its tradition with international pop culture. The film touched us because it shows how apparent contradictions can be overcome and great dreams can be realized through decades of commitment.”

The GRANIT – Hof Documentary Award 2020 goes to a film that breaks with many clichés in a surprising way. The protagonist of the film is faced with the great challenge of following in her father's traditional footsteps and at the same time leading a modern, self-determined life. The film tells about the dilemma of a young German woman who has to stand up against racist prejudices and deals with her search for new contemporary role models. Her father, King in Ghana and car mechanic in Ludwigshafen, is a sympathetic figure and role model who moves confidently between two cultures and lifestyles. However, his daughter does not want to be a princess and yet wants to face her responsibilities as heir to the throne. In this way, an initially classically told story becomes a parable of role clichés and role finding, which opens up new perspectives to break down stereotypes and clichés. Complex themes such as identity and homeland are presented in an entertaining way for a larger audience, which we very much wish the film to have.

Angela Christlieb, Markus Mörth, Britta Schöning

Agnes Lisa Wegner was born in 1976 in Worms. She studied American Studies in Frankfurt am Main and North American Studies, Film Studies and German Studies at the FU Berlin. After working as a production assistant for some time, she now works primarily as a director.

The Hof-based Hermann and Bertl Müller Foundation has been awarding the 7,500 euro prize since 2015 for the best German feature-length documentary.