A BEE’S DIARY - small animals on the big screen

HoF 2020: Director Dennis Wells presents the documentary A BEE’S DIARY.

After three years of shooting with special macro camera technology, director Dennis Wells has managed to capture A BEE’S DIARY (Hof International Film Festival 2020) for the big screen. The film opens in theaters on Thursday, 7 October 2021: The adventurous journey of a single bee is shown, from its birth to the founding of a new bee colony. In the process, we learn that bee colonies are not as homogeneous as we think. They are full of different individuals with very different tasks, abilities and even preferences.

The latest camera technology and special post-production process allow for a unique visual language that provides spectacular insights into the world of bees - without becoming unscientific. A whole bee life that absolutely must be seen in cinemas.

TAGEBUCH EINER BIENE | Offizieller Trailer
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A BEE’S DIARY, 90 minutes, documentary, Germany 2020, directed by Dennis Wells with the voices of Anna Thalbach as "Winter Bee" and her daughter Nellie as "Summer Bee", theatrical release 7. Oct 2021, distributor: » Filmwelt