A COUP in the Cinema

The German Cinema New Talent Award 2019 goes to COUP by Sven O. Hill.
Sven O. Hill presents COUP at the HoF Rendezvous

Now that the cinemas are open again, here it comes, our COUP. The winner of the German Cinema New Talent Award 2019 for Best Film by Sven O. Hill opens in cinemas on Thursday, 26 August 2021. It’s Summer 1988: A 22-year-old bank employee robs his bank of millions by discovering a security loophole and using an elaborate coup to move the loot aside. With the stolen money, he flees to Australia. His life as a millionaire can begin. But the love of his life, with their son, doesn't want to follow...

“Imagine Martin Scorsese and Guy Ritchie make a movie with no money. In the north of Hamburg.” (Jury of the German Cinema New Talent Award). COUP is “a wild piece of cinema” (Süddeutsche Zeitung). And that’s exactly what we love!

And if you’re in Munich on Thursday, 31 August 2021, come at &:30 pm to the Monopol cinema. Together with main actor Tomasz Robak I will present COUP! » Tickets

Trailer COUP
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