HoF 2021: Cyber worlds and other journeys

Where do people head for with their longings, their escapes from reality? These are questions filmmakers often ask themselves. What is fate, and how much responsibility do we bear for ourselves and our environment? Mankind is on the move, tracking down answers for the future. This gives rise to the stories shown as films in this genre, as exciting dramas, thrillers or featuring the normal web of relationships. These are stories that take us on unusual journeys into human depths, but also tell of reconciliation and love. They give us hope for a future.

From the Cyberworld

Direction: Mario Sixtus (Germany 2021)


Hyperland - Poster 2

This dystopian sci-fi thriller tells the story of young Cee, who begins to question the influencers, augmented reality and social scoring system that surround her.

with Lorna Ishema, Samuel Schneider, Maximilian Pekrul, Gerti Drassl

Direction: Valentin Hennig (Germany 2021)

The Straw that Broke

The Straw That Broke - Poster 1

“The virtual is viral,” Clea, an editor at DeBase SF, tells Claudia, her favorite underpaid and overworked creator of sci-fi virts, sending her to a water-based information planet to save the multiverse from extinction. This film deals with metaphysical questions using cinematic and narrative means, but it is also a story about love, hope, loss and despair.

With Claudia Gallatz, Manuel Harder, Manja Kuhl

Travel to Unknown Destinations

Direction: Hannes Starz (Austria 2021)

Another Coin for the Merry-Go-Round

Another Coin for the Merry-Go-Round - Poster 1

Anna, Niko, Ilias and Jools are flirting with the Viennese underground music scene. They know what it feels like to buy a skateboard when you’re almost thirty, and to pull all-nighters on Vienna’s Gürtel. But since a wheelchair has been like a foreign body in their lives, something has changed.

With Valerie Pachner, Voodoo Jürgens, Tinka Fürst, Max Bogner

Direction: Christian Monnier (France, Canada 2021)

A Fishy Business in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

Ça tourne à Saint-Pierre et Miquelon - Poster 1

Renowned actress Céline is hired by famous director Milan Zodowski to star in a film she knows next to nothing about. Will the great director and advocate of “cinéma vérité” actually shoot footage with her, or has he summoned her for another reason?

With Céline Mauge, Philippe Rebbot, Jules Sitruk, Adèle Lebon

Direction: Alisa Kolosova (Germany 2021)


Charly - Poster 1

In a hopeless attempt to return to her fiancé, Charly experiences an unexpected journey of extraordinary encounters that lead her along the path to self-recognition instead.

With Lisa Marie Stojčev, Christian Bergmann, Frederik F. Günther, Susanne Kermer

Direction: Lilli Thalgott (Germany 2021)


Landjaeger - Poster 1

Married couple Martin and Constanze Brandis plan to celebrate Martin’s 60th birthday in a lonely holiday home in north-eastern Germany, together with an old friend and his mistress. But during the celebration, a stranger suddenly knocks on their door.

With Mignon Remé, Steffen Lau, Lucian Msamati, Inbal Lori

Direction: Aleksandr Baluev (Russia 2021)


Otel - Poster 1

A couple of newlyweds embark on a road trip to spend their honeymoon in a wild, exotic location. But on the way to the hotel, they get lost on a deserted road and discover an abandoned hotel building.

With Marina Petrenko, Gleb Matveychuk, Alexandr Baluev

Direction: Teemu Nikki (Finland, 2021)

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic

Sokea mies, joka ei halunnut nähdä Titanicia - Poster 1

Jaakko is blind, disabled and confined to a wheelchair. He loves Sirpa. Since they live far apart, they only really know each other from phone calls. When Sirpa needs help, Jaako decides to visit her. But to do so, he is dependent on the separate help of five strangers. Jaakko is played by the blind, wheelchair-bound actor Petri Poikolainen.

With Petri Poikolainen, Marjaana Maijala