Illustrious HoF Rendezvous with the Hof Gold Prize winners Sevgi and Chris Hirschhäusers and TOPRAK


    Saturday evening, 16 January 2021 at 7:00 pm is going to be brilliant: the winners of the Hof Gold Prize 2020, director Sevgi Hirschhäuser and cinematographer Chris Hirschhäuser will be presenting their debut film TOPRAK online in the Central Kino virtual cinema of the Hof Rendezvous.

    The young orphan Burak lives with his uncle Cemil in a small Turkish village. While the religious Cemil seems content to live in poverty, Burak is eager to leave the village for university. When Burak's grandmother falls ill, he and his uncle both have to make difficult decisions that will change their lives forever.

    “The jury members were particularly touched by the two filmmakers’ palpable sympathy for their protagonists’ story, which has an inner credibility that has become a rare exception in cinema.”

    From the statement of the jury members as well as the mentors Edgar Reitz and Bernhard Sinkel

    Let’s look forward to a wonderful cinema evening followed by a film discussion with the filmmakers and HoF artistic director Thorsten Schaumann. Our thanks go out to our HoF Rendezvous supporters: the Central Kino Hof, Rotary Club Hof and Kino on Demand.

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    HoF Rendezvous online screening of TOPRAK / feature film / 106 minutes / Director Sevgi Hirschhäuser / Cinematographer and co-producer Chris Hirschhäuser, followed by a film discussion

    Saturday, 16 January 2021 at 7:00 pm (film starts at 7:30)


    How much:
    Donation tickets available with freely selectable amount – all proceeds go to the filmmakers in full

    Since 2017, the Hof International Film Festival has been organizing the HoF Rendezvous under the motto “let’s do it again” at the Central Kino in Hof and the Lodderbast in Hanover. These are screenings organized throughout the year as part of the Hof International Film Festival. The filmmakers also present their films in person. By doing this, we allow the festival to have further impact and increase the anticipation for the next festival edition. And at the same time, the filmmakers are promoted once again through our communication channels.

    During the time when the cinemas are closed, the HoF Rendezvous takes place online in the virtual Central Kino with the support of the Rotary Club Hof, and for the screening of TOPRAK, for the first time also with the support of Kino on Demand.