HoF 2020: Julia von Heinz and the team of AND TOMORROW THE ENTIRE WORLD

The opening film of the 54th Hof International Film Festival AND TOMORROW THE ENTIRE WORLD (distribution Alamode) will be shown in the home cinema. The filmmaker and winner of the Film Award of the City of Hof, "Julia von Heinz has made the most politically important film of recent years with a great Mala Emde in the leading role." (epd film). On Friday, 10.06.2022 at 8.15 pm at our main sponsor Arte.

AND TOMORROW THE ENTIRE WORLD is "Revolutionary Cinema."


A "captivating film."

Der Spiegel

How far are you willing to go for your political beliefs? Luisa also has to ask herself this question when she joins Antifa. She is a law student in her first semester, comes from a good family and wants something to change in Germany. Alarmed by the shift to the right and the increasing popularity of populist parties, she moves to a left-wing commune and participates in actions against the right. She quickly finds a connection with the charismatic Alfa. For him, the use of force is also a legitimate way. But Luisa has to decide: Is violence a political means of asserting herself? (Text by Arte)

AND TOMORROW THE ENTIRE WORLD / Feature film / Germany 2020 / 111 minutes / German OF / with Male Emde, Noah Saavedra, Tonio Schneider, Luisa-Céline Gaffron, Andreas Lust / Screenplay Julia von Heinz and John Quester / Camera Daniela Knapp / Editing Georg Söring / Production Design Christian Kettler / Costume Design Maxi Munzert / Sound Design Valentin Finke, Bettina Bertók, Marcus Vetter / Original Music Neon Schwarz / Composer Matthias Petsche / Casting Mai Seck / Production Julia von Heinz, Fabian Gasmia / Co-production Antoine Delahousse, Thomas Jaeger, John Quester / Distributor Alamode