THE BLACK SQUARE digital release

HoF 2021: The team of THE BLACK SQUARE
The German Cinema New Talent Award 2021 goes to THE BLACK SQUARE by Peter Meister.

The opening film of the 55th Hof International Film Festival THE BLACK SQUARE by Peter Meister has been launched online. The film, awarded the German Cinema New Talent Award "Best Film" at the festival as well as the Hof Critics' Prize, is hilarious entertainment:

Oh no, oh no, THE BLACK SQUARE is missing. And how “unfortunate” that it is the $60 million Malevich artwork. What are two clumsy crooks dressed as Elvis and David Bowie, a woman with a keen sense of art and a couple of Russian gangsters doing on a cruise ship?

Find out here.

DAS SCHWARZE QUADRAT (Offizieller Trailer) | AB 25.11. IM KINO
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