Cinema release of FISCH FÜR DIE GEISEL

HoF 2019: The team of FISH FOR THE HOSTAGE

There is adrenaline at Steffen Cornelius Tralles FISCH FÜR DIE GEISEL, which starts Thursday, 19.05.2022 in cinemas in Germany (53. Hof International Film Festival / Distribution good season films):

Under the motto "in-coal-out", the sensitive Piet helps his brother Herm with a small burglary. The proceeds are to pay the father's debts. But when Herm comes out of the house with a hostage, the situation gets out of control. Piet has to play the perfidious game of his brother if he does not want to endanger the life of the hostage.

"Steffen Cornelius Tralles creates in his feature film debut "... a genre thriller that has it all and is unparalleled in the German film landscape." (Cinema time) And the humor is not neglected. Off to the cinema!

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FISCH FÜR DIE GEISEL / Feature film / 87 minutes / German / With ENNO HESSE, FLORIAN HACKE, MATS KAMPEN / Camera EIKE ZULEEG / Screenplay VASKO SCHOLZ, STEFFEN CORNELIUS TRALLES / Production design JULIA BÖNISCH / Editing ULF ALBERT / Sound DANIEL DE HOMONT / Sound Editing ENRICO WACHTEL / Music CARSTEN ROGGENBUCK / Director Assistant FLORIAN SCHWOMBECK / Costume design KATI OSTERMANN / Graphic&Motion Design NEIL DAVIS / Director STEFFEN CORNELIUS TRALLES / Distribution good season films / Theatrical release Germany Thursday, 19.05.2022