Finding new ideas: OUT OF THE BOX

    56th Hof International Film Festival: OUT OF THE BOX

    Moving out of familiar structures helps to release creativity. Thinking away from traditional patterns think, look at things from different angles and thus find new ideas. These ideas are in turn an offer to us to do the same – like our OUT OF THE BOX projects, a true (cinema) inspiration.


    ONCE UPON A TIME IN GERMANY - a home-movie cabinet of German memorial culture from the 1960s to the 1980s. A visually associative, cut-up film has been created from over 50 kilometres of Super 8mm found footage, which the two directors have set to music live with self-composed taped soundscapes and sampled text fragments from German Dada, Beat and underground literature. An analogue cinema experience that breaks with cinema while voicing a declaration of love for cinema.


    Sonnet 66 by William Shakespeare: The foundation of this intermedial, interactive automat is Shakespeare‘s 66th sonnet. A 400 years old text about hopelessness, excessive demands, political weariness and the state of physical and psychological inertia. Well, thank you very much. In the SHAKESPEARE-AUTOMAT, users can playfully determine the language, the situation, and the character with the help of 27 videos and thus decide which version of the sonnet they get to see. Right is what is fun.


    In 2021, Asteris Kutulas‘ show format LIQUID STAGING celebrated its world premiere at the 55th International Hof Film Festival: a soundtrack, four films on four screens, all at the same time. The audience is right in the middle of it all. With the revised version of ELECTRA 21, the piece MEDEA 21 as well as the SATELLITE CLIPS PROJECT, the artist and winner of the Hans-Vogt Film Prize Kutulas presents three polydimensional experiences as world premieres. This is immersive „Cinema 2.0“ with the incomparable compositions of the musical anarchist Mikis Theodorakis.