OLAF JAGGER to open 56th Hof International Film Festival


    VIP news will be buzzing when the 56th Hof International Film Festival opens with the film OLAF JAGGER by Heike Fink on 25th October 2022. The well-known artist Olaf Schubert finds an old tape in the cellar of his parents' house; it contains an interview with his mother and Mick Jagger. And that was in 1965! At that time, his parents' house was in the former GDR and the Wall was a closed border.

    OLAF JAGGER now sets out on a detective mission to unearth this secret. It becomes a journey full of absurd situations and curious entanglements in the East-West conundrum. The film is about parents you can choose yourself, about rock'n'roll with a beating heart in both the West and the East. With a roguish wink at the audience, this mischievous, fictional documentary reflects a part of GDR history anew.

    "As soon as I heard the film title OLAF JAGGER, all my antennae were alert: Two prominent names mentioned in the same breath. What Is the connection between OLAF Schubert and Mick JAGGER? Director Heike Fink takes us on a sensitive search for identity, unearthing something truly astonishing in the process. It is the most surprising opening film that could have happened to us all."

    Thorsten Schaumann, artistic director

    Director Heike Fink, born in 1968, has already received a number of awards for her documentary films and documentations, including the German Television Award and the Golden Sparrow. She is a scriptwriter, writes novels and non-fiction, and teaches at various German universities. OLAF JAGGER is her fourth work as a director. The film was produced by Ester.Reglin.Film GmbH in co-production with ZDF. Distributor Neue Visionen will be releasing the film in cinemas on 6th April 2023.

    We share in your anticipation of the opening to the 56th Hof International Film Festival!

    The 56th Hof International Film Festival will be taking place from 25th to 30th October 2022, the plus7streamdays festival will be open for you until 6th November 2022.