OLAF JAGGER rocks HoF!
    The team of the opening film OLAF JAGGER

    The 56th Hof International Film Festival opened with the world premiere of the fictional documentary.

    After festival director Thorsten Schaumann had greeted the team of the short TAXIMANN by Leander Behal and invited Heike Fink, director of OLAF JAGGER onto the stage at the Scala cinema, the question on everyone’s lips was: Is Mick Jagger really Olaf Schubert’s father? Until the mystery had been solved, the viewers were suitably amused - plenty of laughter was heard during the showing.

    After the film, there was wholehearted applause for the team around Heike Fink: actors Franz-Jürgen Zigelski, Anna Lucia Gustmann, Gabriele Bos and contemporary witness Evelyn Adam, who had actually met Mick Jagger in 1965. The team of producers, Roswitha Ester and Torsten Reglin, were also present, as well as cameraman Hejo Schomerus and other team members.

    The biggest surprise, however, was a live performance by comedian Olaf Schubert; unfortunately, he was unable to appear in person but greeted the audience warmly and so generated even more enthusiasm.

    OLAF JAGGER is a film that begins like a detective story and turns into a journey full of absurd situations; a film about parents you can choose yourself, about curious entanglements, true encounters and rock'n'roll, the heart of which beats the same in the West and the East.

    Director Heike Fink, born in 1968, has already received several awards for her documentaries and docudramas. She writes screenplays, novels and non-fiction works and teaches at various German universities. Olaf Jagger was produced by Ester.Reglin.Film GmbH in co-production with ZDF. It is due for release by Neue Visionen on April 6th, 2023.